Furniture from Pallet – Tips on Choosing Reclaimed Wood

There are a lot of projects that use pallets as a means to create furniture. The most common material used for pallets, whether they are for domestic or international use, is wood. Since there are billions of pallets used all over the world, some of them are already sent to be discarded, since they are no longer safe to be used again due to the durability in carrying packaged items, materials or products for shipping. The pallets that are used in are mostly single use, which is the best source to find wood if you ever need one for your DIY projects. However, there are certain things that you need to take a look first before you make your purchase.

Finding Pallets for Free supplies a lot of pallets and is one of the many businesses that get shipments packed on wooden pallets. If you are looking for some place to gather pallets, you should take a look at this place or any place that have piqued your interest about suppliers of pallets. You can ask someone around if they still plan to use majority of the pallets or some of them, but avoid stealing. You can find other suppliers that give away their pallets for free. If you are having a difficult time in getting your hands on the free pallets, you can try finding the free ones on Craigslist. You can find a lot of people there that want to get rid of their items, especially with used pallets.

Choosing the Best Pallets

Whether you are going to buy the pallets or get them for free, it is best that you use a pallet that is safe for humans to use with. Pallets are provided with questionable histories. You never know what their previous use for and where they have been. There are dangers in using pallets in the way that they are treated, which is why people are advised to learn the different treatments done on wood pallets. This is to prevent any humans like you to get sick or poisoned from the chemicals used in treating the wood pallets.

As much as possible, here are some simple points that will help you get to the safest wood pallets to use for your DIY projects.

  • Avoid wood pallets that you see coming from grocery stores as they are exposed to food spillage. The bacteria, even is invisible to the naked eye, together with porous wood, making it bad for creating DIYs.
  • Make sure that the wood is still in its decent shape. You will probably lose a couple of boards while you tear the pallet apart, so you need to start it off with as many as you can that are not warped, bowed or cracked.
  • Take a look at the nails used. If they are twisted, it may be difficult to remove them. Consider whether or not it is worth spending more time removing them.
  • Avoid those that have been sitting under the rain for several months.
  • Make sure you find the stamps or mark on the wood. You can find a guide online to see which mark tells that they are safe to use.