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Things to Consider Before Buying a Shetland Pony

Aren’t Shetland ponies perfect together with the little kids? It is only natural that you feel that way since they are very irresistible and adorable. It may seem easy to buy them first, but there are things that you need to think about before you rush things and buy your very first Shetland pony. First, take a look at the selection of Shetland ponies at and then read the following tips when buying one of them.

They should be treated as real horses. Just because they look so small like you’ve seen them at, doesn’t mean that you should treat them like toys.

The first thing that you need to think about is the well being of the pony. Shetland ponies need a paddock that is big enough to provide the most nourishment for their body and the exercise that it needs. The place must be fenced properly. Make sure that the fence is designed with the Shetland pony in mind, and not for larger ones. If you are adopting not just the Shetland ponies but with the larger horses in mind, try to design the fences that are good for all the domestic animals that you are going to adopt in your farm. Shetland ponies are good at going under when they see the opportunity, so you might only be losing them when you are trying to fence them in.

Some would consider going for an electric fence, but this is only to be used when there is an interior fence and that you want to divide the paddock into different smaller sections. This is essential to consider especially during the summer in order to prevent the Shetland ponies from developing laminitis. This is a condition that largely affects the Shetland pony breed when they have the too rich diet. Make sure that the area you are going to secure the ponies and other domestic animals in is that they are no poisonous plants nearby like the ragwort or those that are near the paddock where the pony can eat them. It is also important that they have the constant supply of clean water. Some ponies will be happy if they have a mineral block that supply minerals to them that could be lacking from the grazing.

Stables are not really necessary for Shetland ponies, it will help them by providing a shelter against the cold in the winter season. Some places have the natural shelter that will help shade and keep the Shetland ponies warm during winter.

You have to buy a headcollar for your Shetland pony as well. Make sure that it comes with a lead rope, too. The best ones are those that can be adjusted at the throat, nose and over their head. It is a good investment that you spend a bit more on the headcollars as this will last longer, especially when you buy them on a young Shetland pony.

These are just the basics of the things to think about when you buy your own Shetland pony. Don’t buy one if you are not ready to take care of them.